Resolver Mediation was born out of a passion and a desire by Alison Lambert to provide effective and efficient dispute resolution services across the UK. We do this by not only offering mediators with comprehensive training and skill, but by ensuring that our mediators come from a range of diverse professional backgrounds and experiences. This helps them get to the heart of the matter and engage with the core of the dispute from the outset which leads to efficient, thorough and sustainable resolution of matters.

Our mediators are practising barristers and solicitors, partners in law firms, business owners and executives from non-legal backgrounds, and senior public sector workers who have direct experience of:

  • business, partnership and shareholder disputes (relating to public and private companies, and SMEs)
  • wills, probate and administration of estates
  • employment and workplace mediation
  • general commercial and contractual disputes
  • SEN mediation and other disputes relating to the education sector
  • financial disputes in divorce or separation cases
  • property and neighbour disputes


“Resolver Mediation have a terrific eye for the end-game in any complex dispute.”

Mrs A, Northrepps

“Great value for money; extremely efficient and good use of my time on the day.”

Dr S, Newcastle

“Handled my matter with care, consideration and professionalism.”

Mr W, Norwich

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